Start an Internet Radio Station to Share Your Music with the World

Ever play DJ as a kid? You probably would have to had grown up listening to the radio to do that. Today’s kids might play club DJ, but I am talking about radio DJs. There is a difference. I remember the big national names and the local drive time goofballs that kept us laughing all the way into work every day. I liked the weekend radio shows that were nationally syndicated too. They would play the hits and tell you backstories of the artists and the songs. I found that I could start an Internet radio station for practically nothing, and that made me have a hobby I always wanted.

If you want to start a broadcast radio station, you have to buy infrastructure. You need the transmitter, licensing, broadcast equipment and more licensing to play the songs. Then you need a staff to handle advertising and consumer interaction. Even if you are the lead on-air personality, there is 24 hours to fill with programming. An Internet radio station is different.

Building your audience is about the same. You need to attract listeners who then tell others about your show. However, you do not have to go on TV, buy billboard space or put anything in the newspaper. You can send out emails and reach people by social media. You can build a following a little at a time. Plus, you do not have to be pressured to play music you do not want to play. You can play exactly what you want.

This is a chance for all of us kids who played DJ with our record or tape collections to try it out. Yes, I said records and tapes. I even had an 8-Track player! I’ve been through CDs, WAV and Mp3s too. Music and its rich history is part of me. I would like to share some of it with the world.

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